RUBY HEART: The Legend Begins

Paperback - $19.95

by Marian Webb Betts

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"Your descriptions of the regions, their housing and their way of life at that time made me feel like I was really there. Congratulations and keep on writing." - Marilyn, Indiana



RUBY HEART: The Legend Begins is Christian historical fiction set in biblical times, and is the story of Basilikos, son of Balthazar, one of the Magi who goes to worship Jesus. Basilikos disobeys his father, dressing as a servant and hiding in Balthazar’s caravan so he can see for himself the baby king who would “change the whole world forever”.


Years later, Basilikos returns to Jerusalem, just in time to witness the crucifixion of Jesus, whom he recognizes as the child he once helped so many years go.


The Ruby Heart, the gemstone for which the book is named, was fashioned in a shape similar to the human heart. Before it arrived on the scene in this book, it already had a history, and mysteries surrounding it. It was rediscovered 500 years after its creation by Balthazar, son of Madjid, at the bottom of a small lake atop a cliff in Eurasia. After the discovery of the Ruby Heart, Madjid settled his nomadic tribe on the site and built a fortified city. And, years later, as our story begins, Balthazar gives the heart to his son, Basilikos, for his tenth birthday. Basilikos – Basil to his friends, wears the gem with pride and love for his father.


Now it must be said what is often repeated in the story: The Ruby Heart has no special powers, but some people do see things in its facets that others cannot: visions from the past and even the future. Basil is one who can see the visions. They fascinate him, and scare him, too.


When Basil is 18, his father joins two other Magi to search for the baby king who will change the world forever. Basil defies his father and, dressing as a servant, joins the caravan. He is discovered shortly before the caravan arrives in Jerusalem, and is allowed to join the Wise Men as they visit Jesus. Basil has no gift to give the baby King, but as he leans over to talk to the baby, his Ruby Heart falls out of his robe, and the baby reaches for it. With shaking fingers, Basil undoes the chain around his neck and gives his heart to Jesus.


It takes only a year and a half for the men to return to Madjid, but when the caravan arrives, things have changed. Mystery, intrigue, deception, betrayal, destruction and exile follow, until Basil returns to Jerusalem, and witnesses Jesus’ crucifixion. He recognizes the child he once knew, and in his sorrow and confusion, Basil joins the disciples, and becomes involved in the events following the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.


How does the Legend of the Ruby Heart continue?


Watch for the next installment coming soon!



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