After moving back to the Midwest, Marian completed her Associate of Science Degree in IT/Web Design, which included advancing her knowledge in GraphicDesign; Layout and

Illustration, using Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Corel Paintshop Pro; Website Design and Accessibility using CSS; HTML 3 and 5; C#; ASP.NET; .NET; SQL, and JavaScript.


However, most of Marian’s learning in fine art has been on her own, studying the Masters in Europe while her husband was stationed in England, reading books, and experimenting with color theory, light, texture and media, plus keeping up with current designs and fashions on the Internet and elsewhere.


Marian is also an experienced writer, having grown up with British parents, one an English Professor, the other a Poetess. She has written the curriculum and syllabus for her own classes, Standard Operating Procedures for small businesses, catalogs for Art Associations, newsletters, articles, short stories, poetry and technical papers on multiple subjects.


Marian’s clients have included artists, organizations and companies in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Australia and several of the Asia Pacific countries as well.


Marian Betts

Marian (Webb) Betts began her formal study of art in the 9th grade. Later, married to an Airman who was stationed at seven different Air Bases in the seven years they were married, it was hard to continue with her training, but she did pick up a year of Commercial Art at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, which included Black & White Photography, Print Development, Graphic illustration,  Layout & Design & 4-Color Printmaking. Marian continued her studies in California where she learned more darkroom techniques; Fashion and Interior Design;  Civil Engineering Drafting, and CADD & GIS.


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