Original black and white photograph












over-exposed, faded and wrinkled

Black and white restructured  with












 textures in clothing and background

Photo Restoration

Color added to reconstructed photograph


Alan and Phyllis Webb were married February 8, 1940, in Khartoum, Sudan where they were missionaries.

First Step in Cleaning up a

Black and White Photograph

Coloring an Old Photograph

Still in Good Condition


Bernard and Helen Baumer, parents of Myron Baumer. Photo possibly taken in the early 1950's. The original photo is on textured paper with the emulsion rubbing off in places and stained in spots.



Removing scratches and stains, and recovering rubbed areas cleaned up the clothes and faces. Replacing the background helped to remove some of the fading and discoloration there, too.


Maude Hawkins, Mother of Phyllis Webb, Grand-mother of Marian Betts, Great-Grandmother of Gillean and Christian, and Great-Great-Grand-Mother of Gabe, Alec and Aiden Betts. Photo taken in the 1950's. Granny survived two World Wars in London, England, and raised five children on her own.



Granny died while I was still in high school, but hers was such a strong and vibrant personality, I can still clearly see the twinkle in her eyes, and the old red cardigan she always wore.



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