From Maid Marian to Lady Redbird

There are two things in life I take seriously:  My faith in God and the awesome talent He has given me. That talent is a huge responsibility; I cannot squander it, but I can certainly have fun with it!


For instance, my name, my nicknames and my avatar:

How on earth did I end up with these?

I had help – long before I was even born!


Lady Redbird tries

to paint her Nemesis

My parents were Pioneer Missionaries in Ethiopia and the Sudan back in the days before radio, let alone television.

Oh, we had 2-way radios, but not radio shows and music.  Our entertainment was mostly storytelling or reading from the Bible.


At the time, Mum and Dad had three children: Jessie, David and Nellie when Mum discovered she was pregnant again. Jessie was old enough to understand that another child was on the way, and was encouraged and included in the choice of a name. So, she very carefully began to make a list of Biblical names, much to Mum and Dad’s amusement, until one day Mum noticed the list was beginning to include some of the more prosaic names, such as Zachariah, Zephaniah, and Zerubbabel.

Mum asked, a smile of indulgence in her voice, “Jessie,why would you want to call your little brother Zerubbabel?”



"So I could call him “Rubber Ball” for short!”



"That does it!" Mum thought with visions of bouncing baby basketballs,

"I’ve got to find another storybook to distract Jessie!”


But the only other book on the Mission Station that was suitable for a child was Robin Hood. So Mum began reading it to the three little children, and Jessie immediately fell in love with Robin Hood. And so it was that at dinner one evening, she made her announcement.


“I’ve decided what we are going to call the new baby,” she declared. “Robin!”

“But what if it is a girl?” Dad asked.

“Why, Marian, of course!”

And so it was. Robin obligingly came forth, and two years later … you guessed it:


Maid Marian was born


As the years went on and the story was told and retold, Maid Marian, and I enjoyed it.

But then I began to take my work and myself seriously. I went back to school almost

full time  and got my Associate of Science.

For a little while I did take myself very seriously -







Don't worry, it didn't last!





I discovered life is too short and there is too much to see

and too much to enjoy, and I began to see humor in everything.


Even the Bible encourages us to laugh and be happy:


"(One who) is of a merry heart has a continual feast." Proverbs 15:15


"A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance." Proverbs 15:13


"A merry heart does good like a medicine." Proverbs 17:22



As well as being able to laugh at myself,

I now try to capture the humor and joy

of life with the brush, pen, camera,

computer, fabrics and more.






















As for "Lady Redbird"


First, I'm a redhead, often nicknamed "Red".


Second, We are British - immigrated when I was 13 and still very English - and English girls are called "Birds"

not "Chicks" as they are in America.


And third, a "maid" in Old English was a virgin, so  I can hardly

 be called a "maid" with two children and three grandchildren!


So my Handle became




The Avatar - why a cat? I love cats!

Of  all sizes...

"Mine! "



     Two gulls chasing a

      Sea Eagle, trying to

       steal  its catch

Lady Redbird

   A Cat being

called a

      "Bird". . .



"I found it first!"

This little fellow ran

 around the corner and

stopped just short of my

feet, clutching a nut in his

 paws. I don't know  which

one of us was more surprised!


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