The cartoon of Dr. Eddleman and a little boy with his pet alligator has  graced the wall of South Anderson Veterinary Clinic at 109 W. 53rd St, Anderson, IN ,  for several years, but when it was time to redecorate, Dr. Eddleman was not happy with the way the original image was handled.


I was asked to make some suggestions as to how to fix the issues.


In keeping with the humor of the cartoon, I suggested making it look as if the alligator had broken down the wall when told to "Open wide!"


Clients and staff enjoyed watching the transition, and the finished product seems to have worked out well.


South Anderson Veterinary Clinic

109 W. 53rd St

Anderson, IN

This beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog whom

Dr. Eddleman calls Lazarus, was almost destroyed when the same painter painted over it. In an attempted to rescue the original piece, the staff scrubbed off the new paint, but in so doing, almost washed away the painting, leaving a dim outline and a suggestion of color.


Dr. Eddleman asked me to "Raise Lazarus." So I did, and I also gave him a doghouse with his name on it.



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