Design Methodology:
Finding the best solution for each design situation.


Several design methodology approaches have developed in the technology industry. Each was a reaction to a different type of problem. Some common technology design methodologies include:







1. Top Down Design or Stepwise Refinement: This starts from the end solution

     and works backwards, refining each step along the way.


2. Bottom Up Design: This methodology starts with a foundation and works

     up towards a solution.


3. Structured Design: This is an industry standard. The technique starts by

     identifying inputs and desired outputs to create a graphical representation.


 4. Structured Analysis and Design Technique: This approach utilizes a diagram

      to describe the hierarchy of a system's functions.


5. Data Structured Systems Development: Data structure determines the

     system structure in this methodology.


 6. Object Oriented Design: This methodology is based on a system of interacting



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