The process of marketing a brand using the Internet



As the Center of Attraction in the eMarketing process, the website’s job is to draw in the targeted

visitors and ensure that their objectives for visiting the site are fulfilled.


In a good eMarketing Strategy specific procedures need to be followed to develop and maintain

the website integrity and the web presence. This is the job of the eMarketing Strategic team and

should include some of the following:


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): is the process of getting a website to achieve top rankings for its chosen key phrases on the search engines without paying for these rankings. With daily search volumes in the hundreds of millions, this is a tactic that cannot be ignored.


Pay Per Click (PPC): is the purchasing of sponsored ads on search engine results pages and content pages. The idea is to only pay for those ads on a performance basis, (when they are clicked on). This has proven to be an exceptionally cost-effective online marketing strategy because you only pay when it works!


Online Advertising: Its broad impact is unmatched and the sales value cannot be disregarded.


Affiliate Marketing: Placing your ads on affiliated websites with payment based only on performance (usually a commission on sales generated)


Verbal Marketing: An electronic form of “Word of Mouth” using Internet to build brand awareness and grow subscriber lists.


Web PR: Allows online PR tactics to reach their full potential because the brand gets to travel to so many places, continually linking back to your site.


Email Marketing: Allows you to build relationships with your target market as well as those who don't convert. This way you can communicate with them over time rather than losing them all together.


Online Reputation Management (ORM): A vital component to maintain and grow any branding online. With ORM you to know exactly what is being said about your brand on the Internet. You are able to engage and protect your reputation. ORM is an essential ingredient in any PR campaign.



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